Thursday, September 25, 2008

Cubs Emotion-o-Meter 9/26 Edition: 3 Games Left

By: T.R. Slyder,

No one tore an ACL, so that was good. Lou started all the usual non-starters, and other than starter, pitched all the un-usual suspects so it's tough to care too much about anything. Except Micah "The Hoff" Hoffpauir. He was 5 for 5 with 5 RBI and 3 runs scored. That's good. And I like good. One thing about Micah Hoffpauir that most people don't know is that during a game in AAA this year, he hit 4 home runs in a game AND was involved (defensively) in a triple play. I love that guy.

In Chicago baseball A-Hole news: I was watching part of the White Sox game for a bit. Juan Uribe (of the white sox) was up with the bases loaded and two out in like the third inning with the game tied. So it was an important at bat, but nothing huge since it was still early in the game. He got ahold of a pitch and hit it up the middle and TAGGED the pitcher in like the forearm or ribs. It ricocheted a few feet from the pitcher, where he collected ball and overthrew first base, allowing 3 runs to score. So that was a pretty dramatic 5 seconds. As soon as Uribe hit it, you're thinking "ok, this is a few runs." then the ball hits the pitcher and you're thinking "ouch, I hope he's ok. He may actually be able to throw Uribe out." But not White Sox announcer, Hawk "The Hick" Harrelson. When the ball plunked the Twins pitcher, he didn't say anything humane like "ooohhhh" or "ouch" or "I hope he's ok". What did he say instead? "Dagnabbit" as in "Dagnabbit, the pitcher blocked it from going into the outfield". After the play, Hawk's moron co-announcer, Darren Jackson, was playing the part of diplomat talking about the condition of the fallen pitcher and wishing him well, while Hawk was like a kid on Christmas morning, shouting "What a lucky break! Oh boy! What a HUGE play that was! That's three lucky breaks for the Sox this inning!". Classy.

Enough crappy news.

Cubs Emotion-o-Meter Word(s) of the Day: Keepin' the big blue train on the rails.

Cubs Emotion-o-Meter Cub Fan Emotion Monkeyified: Deep in thought about the playoffs.

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