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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Lookalikes v. 38.0 Hillary Clinton and Florence Henderson

That's how I roll.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Nobody Put up a Joel Quenneville Bomb on the Corner of Clark and Wrightwood

By: T.R. Slyder, TRSlyder@yahoo.com, @AndyDisco on Twitter

In this case "Nobody" is a proper noun and is the name of the graffiti artist. This the same tag as I previously blogged about, only on a black background instead of white. I like the new look and it is in the Blackhawk's colors to boot.

Great work, Nobody. The new tag looks great.

That's how I roll.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Why Horse Racing Tells me That Germany Will Beat Spain

By: T.R. Slyder, TRSlyder@yahoo.com, @AndyDisco on Twitter

Horse Racing Lesson #1: Recent Form Means Everything

Why it favors Germany: Germany won their last two games, 4-1 and 4-0. Spain won their last two games 1-0 and 1-0 with David Villa scoring both goals. Hmmm, that looks like a pattern, does it not? Germany scores 4 a game, and Spain 1. 1 David Villa goal to be exact. Who on Spain has PROVEN they can beat you if Villa doesn't? No one. Spain may have better passing, a deeper team, and a Euro 2008 and trophy, but zero people find their last two wins more impressive than Germany's.

Horse Racing Lesson #2: The Fewer Changes for a hot Horse/Team, the Better

Why it Favors Germany: This could be a wash, because Mueller is out for Germany as well, but with Spain benching Torres, we don't know how that will disrupt their (delicate) offensive rhythm. What if this throws off David Villa? Who else will score? What if Germany just loads up on Villa and lets the new guy beat them?

Horse racing taught me to take a pass on a horse trying something new for the first time at a high level. For instance, if Rachel Alexandra (a dirt horse) ran on grass against elite company, I would bet against her. If she started running sprints (she prefers longer distances) against elite company, I would bet against her. The only way I'd bet a horse trying something new is if they did so against far lesser competition.

Spain is making a change and it is against elite competition. I'd bet Rachel Alexandra on the grass in an allowance race, but not in the Arlington Million. Sorry, Spain.

You don't change horses midstream, if there is any current.

Horse Racing Lesson #3: History is a Factor, Even if you are Unsure why or how.

I'm in a relative hurry to get this post published before the soccer match starts, so I can't research this as much as I would have liked. But certain trends in horse racing can be hard to ignore. When I first heard about these trends I was very skeptical of them because I couldn't explain them, nor could anyone else. For instance- European horses do disproportionately well in Breeder's Cup grass races, and the Arlington Million. Other than Street Sense, the winner of the Breeder's Cup Juvenile hadn't went on to win the Kentucky Derby in a very, very long time. In the last decade, The Arkansas Derby has produced significantly better horses than the Wood Memorial.

Can I offer some explanations for those trends? Yeah, kinda. But I can't paint the whole picture, and I don't think anyone can. As I've gotten a bit better at horse playing, I have learned that the question is NOT "WHY is that the trend?" the question really is more simply, "WHAT is the trend?" and follow it.

I don't think Native Americans could explain why three-leaved ankle-high plants resulted in an itchy rash after touching it, but they ignored those poison ivy plants, nonetheless.

The World Cup tie-in here is that Germany has the history here. They have won three World Cups and Spain is in their first ever semi-finals. Do I know why that is? No. Can I profit from that phenomenon, without being able to explain it? Yes. Historically, Germany has found a way to win and Spain hasn't. That is objective and is there for us to observe. I don't know exactly what about capsaicin on our papillae makes chili peppers taste hot, but I know they are. That's really all I need to know.

Horse Racing Lesson #4: Don't Be Afraid to Pick Against the Experts

Spain seems to be the slight betting favorite in this match. It's about a half-notch below a "Pick 'em", but Spain is favored, albeit slightly. Alexi Lalas picked Spain over Germany though and he knows a ton more about soccer than I do. Shouldn't I be concerned?

Not really. He cited his rationale for why he thought Spain would win, but he could have picked them for reasons we don't know. Maybe he has a Spanish wife or girlfriend. Maybe he thinks Germany will win, but Spain is the trendier pick to make, and he doesn't want to go against trendy soccer thinking. Maybe he believes Spain will win, and is simply incorrect.

Horse Racing Lesson #5: Avoid the Results That Would Make you Feel the Most Stupid

This sounds stupid, but has been done me a world of good at the track. Here it is in practice. I think Germany will win. They scored 4 goals against an ok England team, 4 goals against a very strong Argentina team, and more impressively, held Argentina to just one (garbage time) goal. They shut down Messi and Tevez, so why can't they shut down only David Villa? If Germany won this game 4-1, wouldn't you think, "Well, yeah. I shoulda seen that coming, both teams were trending in that direction." and you would feel stupid if you took Spain.

Taking Spain, essentially, represents your thinking that Germany will, for some reason, score 3 or 4 goals LESS than usual and Spain will probably score more than they usually have been. Doesn't that seem like a big departure? A lot of trends have to end for that to happen. If you DID assume that, and it didn't happen, wouldn't you feel like kind of a dumbass? Let's go over the 4 possibilities and how I see it.

Your Guess/Actual Winner.......Thoughts afterward

Spain/Spain.....Hot Damn. Spain scored a lot more/Germany scored a lot less than they have been trending, and I predicted that correctly. I know my soccer.

Spain/Germany....Goddamnit. I got talked into Spain. I mean, of course I knew Germany looked unbeatable. I just assumed some trends would do a 180, Germany would randomly suck and Spain would score more goals against Germany than they could muster against Portugal. Any monkey with eyes could tell you that Germany looked to be playing better. I just incorrectly predicted a major trend reversal.

Germany/Spain.... Goddamnit. Can't blame me for that one. Germany's last two games were against solid opponents and they had an 8-1 goal differential. Spain? 2-0 overall goals versus Paraguay and Portugal. I took a stand, bet the on-the-field trends, and ignored a lot of experts and the betting odds. I guess they knew something I didn't afterall. Next time I will have to weight their arguments more.

Germany/Germany...Hot Damn! I told you! I told you! I told you! Germany has too stout of a defense, too creative and multi-faceted of an offense, too much history and no reason to think that train was going to screech to a halt against its will.

What option makes me feel the stupidest? The first one of four, so I have to avoid that in favor of the last one.

We'll see how I do. The game is about to start.

That's how I roll.

I also hope this is real

By: T.R. Slyder, TRSlyder@yahoo.com, @AndyDisco on Twitter

This is like a 65 year old version of a down-on-his-luck Uncle Rico, drunk, and recently cut off from unemployment checks. I hope it's real.

Which reminds me of this classic.

That's how I roll.

If This is Real, I Love Lindsay Lohan

By: T.R. Slyder, TRSlyder@yahoo.com, @AndyDisco on Twitter

That is allegedly an undoctored photo of Lindsay Lohan in Court today. While the Judge was talking to her. If you look closely enough, you can see that it says, "fuck u" in black ink.

I wonder if she'd do that if she knew she'd be found guilty. Either way, it's awesome. I hope it's real.

That's how I roll.

Lookalikes v 38.0- Nate Silver and the Sklar Brothers

By: T.R. Slyder, TRSlyder@yahoo.com, @AndyDisco on Twitter

FiveThirtyEight.com's uber-statistician, Nate Silver looks like the Jose Oquendo-loving, Sklar Brothers. I can prove it.


That's how I roll.

Anothe Reason to Love TheDirty.com

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The little people in this picture are the "midgets" (their words not mine) from the MicroWrestlingFederation that I saw last year that changed my life.

I bought a shirt that said "I Support Midget Violence"

That's how I roll.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

My Full Name

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People ask me what my real name is. The answer?

T.R. That Gigolo With the Lowest Jiggle Slyder

That's how I roll.

Wait....I'm Confused. So IS There Wildlife in South Africa or not?

By: T.R. Slyder, TRSlyder@yahoo.com, @AndyDisco on Twitter

It was a big deal for South Africa to get the 2010 World Cup. They are the first African nation to host a world cup, blah blah blah. So through the World Cup were to come to appreciate South Africa as a nation of the modern world that has arrived. Either get on the South Africa train or be left in its wake.

So with the in mind, why is that every time ESPN does a local, South African interest story that isn't about soccer, is it about wildlife? Zero of those stories that I have seen show even a city a block, a building, a taxi cab, a white collar business, an airport, architecture, mass transit, etc.

The World Cup and ESPN's ethos of, "If you don't believe South Africa is a 1st-World country, how do you explain all of these zebras and lions?", should be updated.

That's how I roll.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Salary Cost for Each Cub win vs. Salary Cost for Each Red Win

By: T.R. Slyder, TRSlyder@yahoo.com, @AndyDisco on Twitter

Sorry I didn't use charts for this, but you get the idea.

Through July 4th 2010.

The Cubs starter's 2010 salaries- : Wins

Zamrano: $18,875,000- 3 $6.2 mil/win
Dempster: $13,500,000- 6 2.25 mil/win
Lilly: $13,000,000- 3 4.3 mil/win
Silva: $12,790,000- 8 1.59 mil/win
Wells: $427,000 - 4 106,750/ win

Total: $58,592,000 24 = $2,441,333 per win

In contrast. The 2010 Reds' pitchers with the 5 most starts

(# of starts) 2010- Salary- Wins

Arroyo (17) $11,650,000- 8
Harang (17) 12,500,000- 6
Cueto (17) 445,000- 8
Leake (15) N/A- 5 (I counted this as "0" since it can't be a whole lot)
Bailey (9) 418,000 1

Total: 25,013,000- 28- $893,321 per win

That's how I roll.

Most Cubs Play of All Time

By: T.R. Slyder, TRSlyder@yahoo.com, @AndyDisco on Twitter

Twitter.com/Matodgey, get ready to mention this every time you bash the Cubs for the rest of your life.

In the bottom of the 6th today, Mike Fontenot singled with one out. The Cubs are down 5-3 and the ball is jumping out the stadium. Bob Brenley even said that he has never seen the ball jump out of here during batting practice like it did today.

Geovany Soto gets to the plate. The count goes full, so Fontenot will be running on the pitch. Soto strikes out swinging and has a really ugly swing, he tries to duck his head to avoid Red's pitcher Corky Miller's follow through from his throw down to second. Miller hits his head anyway, resulting in a call of Fontenot automatically being out at second due to batter interference. Double play. Inning over.

To add injury to insult, Soto was lying down after the play and being attended to by Cubs trainers. He would stay in the game however (thank GOD!).

That sums up our season pretty well so far.

That's how I roll.

Celebrate the 4th with a 5th!

By: T.R. Slyder, TRSlyder@yahoo.com, @AndyDisco on Twitter

Why not? It's to commemorate beating the English. Like you even needed a reason, anyway.

That's how I roll.

Holiday Picture Dump

That's how I roll.

4th of July

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My favorite 4th of July tradition that no one else knows about:

Blind Item reals from CrazyDaysAndNights.net a new one is posted/revealed every 15 minutes. This is like the Super Bowl Sunday for gossip-ophiles.

That's how I roll.

The Most American Thing Possible

(note: the above picture is not Anti-American. You'll notice that the upside down flag has an "X" through it, therefore it logically follows that he is protesting the upside down flag, and not the rightside up flag. Ergo, this is patriotic.)

By: T.R. Slyder, TRSlyder@yahoo.com, @AndyDisco on Twitter

Happy 4th of July everyone. I hope your celebrations of America can be nearly as stereotypical as this one.

Major League Eating Entertains American Troops in Guantanamo

That's how I roll.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Great Upright Citizen's Brigade Video Page

By: T.R. Slyder, TRSlyder@yahoo.com, @AndyDisco on Twitter

That show kicked large quantities of hind quarters. Here are some good video highlights.

That's how I roll.