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Saturday, October 4, 2008

A Meta-Compilation of Falls

By: T.R. Slyder,

You never see any of these women falling in front of a Mercedes or at a country club or at a board meeting. It's always done in the woods, near an El Eamino or in a trailer. Funny how that works.

There are a few overlapping videos with this one, but it's just more of a good thing.

You can probably guess the subject material for this one too.

This one is more about the "wipeout" I'd say, but it's still awesome nonetheless. The first clip isn't one I find funny, but the rest are.

Great music selection here.

The first few clips I didn't find hilarious, but it gets better. I'd also recommend turning the sound off for this one. This music doesn't go with it and detracts from it. Also the last minute is a montage that's in an earlier video of this meta-compilation.

This one is kinda Polekat $lim-ified (i.e. it's "extreme" and set to metal music. Like a Mountain Dew commercial on steroids), but some of the clips are outstanding.

Please note the irony around the 2:34 mark. This awful driver is wearing a Dale Earnhardt shirt. So this guy loves NASCAR yet drives like a total anus, apparently.