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Sunday, June 28, 2009

T.R.'s Intervention: Bill Maher

By: T.R. Slyder,

I'll make the opening brief.

Bill, I like Real Time with Bill Maher a lot. You're smart, challenging, forward-thinking, abrasive-in-a-good way, funny, and you conduct the show well also. I like you.

That being said, as a friend, I'd like to rely two other points. 1) I get that you smoke marijuana. 2) I get that you have sexual intercourse often.

I feel as though you felt points 1 and 2 were not understood by your audience and may, in fact, be a sense of insecurity for you. That could be why you feel the need to mention each at least twice an episode.

More germane to point two- your interview with Cameron Diaz was poor. It wasn't as bad as your interview with Sarah Silverman right after she broke up with Jimmy Kimmel where it was awkwardly obvious that you had her on your show just so you could kiss her fanny and attempt to sleep with her, but it was a close second. The difference being that your praise for Silverman, though excessive, was founded. But when you called Cameron Diaz a convincing/believable/great actress, then allowed her to carry on, letting her believe that she was intelligent, that was a lie. You're a discerning man of intelligence and taste. Therefore you can't NOT notice that her acting is substandard. You pandered to her because you wanted to have sexual intercourse with her. If you want to do that to/with her, I understand, but do it on your time. There's no reason to waste my time while doing it. When I make a bootycall, I don't call you on three-way calling and ask you to remain silent and listen.

You smoke weed, I get it. You have a libido, I get it. You have a show, I get it. Keep them separate or you might soon find yourself with only your libido and weed. I know you'd hate to see your career ruined by your libido like Mark Sanford, Mark Foley, Ted Haggard, Larry Craig, and John Ensign.