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Monday, June 21, 2010

John Wooden Wouldn't Approve of Obama's Handling of the BP Oil Leak

By: T.R. Slyder,, @AndyDisco on Twitter

After John Wooden's death I saw a re-run of his interview with Tavis Smiley from 2005
(I wish I could embed the video, but I can't). Like I always am after hearing Wooden speak, I was impressed. My favorite part of the interview was at the 7:40 mark when Smiley asked him what is wrong with most leaders today. "I think many drive instead of lead", Wooden responded and Smiley asked him to clarify that a bit. Wooden needed a second to regroup his thoughts and think of a way to articulate a different way to phrase it. "The driver will stay behind with a whip saying 'Get going!', and a leader will be out front with a banner saying 'Follow me'."

I thought that was awesome. I thought about it today while reading more criticism of Obama's handling of the BP leak. All of the criticism really comes down to his oval office speech being more, "Get going", than, "follow me".

That's how I roll.