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Monday, September 29, 2008

A Few Things to De-Lame-ify Your Workday

By: T.R. Slyder,

One time my buddy The Diamond and I were jobless and I was crashing on the couch of he and our mutual friend. We were broke, had nothing to do and no money to do it with, our spirits were kinda low and we spent a lot of time trying to amuse ourselves with random crap found on television (GUTS on Nickelodeon, Even Stevens on Disney, American Gladiators, etc.) and the internet. Specifically, one particular YouTube clip, and two sound-byte pages.

The YouTube video is this. (it's probably NSFW, as it contains one dirty word).

The two sound-byte pages are the following:

Napoleon Dynamite:

John Wayne:

(for your benefit there are similar pages for other funny tv/movie characters:

The links featured above are pages with a bunch of funny soundbytes from Napoleon Dynamite and John Wayne movies. When you click on a phrase, it plays that audio clip from the movie.
So what the Diamond and I did was bring up both of these pages in separate browser windows (You can do this by right clicking the links then by selecting "Open link in new window"). Then we'd go back and forth between pages and try to make conversations between Napoleon and John Wayne. Some recommendable examples are:

ND: Did you take a dump in your bed last night?
JW: Unfortunately, Yes

JW: Well sister, the time has come for me to ride hard and fast
ND: Pedro Offers you his protection
JW: Take Down your Pants
ND: Lucky!!
JW: Are you gonna take down your pants or do I have to do it for ya?
ND: Yesssss
JW: You aint such an early bird, yourself

JW: Short, fiesty fella, nervous, quick gotta messed-up lower lip
ND: But my lips hurt real bad

If you get bored you should check it out and poke around, it's pretty amusing.

Lastly, this YouTube video is a doozie.