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Friday, June 11, 2010

Up Yours, England

By: T.R. Slyder,, @AndyDisco on Twitter

Look familiar, Englerlund? USA! USA!

That's how I roll.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Up Yours, England

By: T.R. Slyder,, AndyDisco on Twitter

I was channel surfing the other day and saw Gordon Ramsey telling the camera man that he needed botox and liposuction. I though he was a chef? Now this? Then I realized that, as much as I enjoy English people, what is it with them sending over all of this sadists?

Simon Cowell, that Weakest Link "Goodbye" Lady, The Supernanny, that dude named Piers, etc. Is that really a fair trade for pawning Madonna off on you guys?

I thought about how annoying and frankly kinky they all are. Then I started being mad at England. Then I heard Noel Gallagher left Oasis, and I got more mad at England for letting this happen. Also, Gordon Brown letting the Lockerbie bomber out of prison in exchange for oil. Classy.

Then I saw this on the Daily Beast: The Hand of God in Lego format, brought to you by Mark Stimson. It was then that I decided to exact my revenge on England by showing the depiction of the most scandalous play in the history of the World Cup, where Diego Maradona punched the ball over the English goalkeeper and into the net for a goal. And by "scandalous" I mean "hilarious".

and in case you forgot the real deal....

I'm T.R. Slyder, and that's how you Tangueray.