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Sunday, April 19, 2009

First Ever WhereAwesomeHappens Soundalikes.

By: T.R. Slyder,

Jeff Van Gundy sounds a lot like Mary Carillo. I always used to think so anyway, but upon listening to one right after another on YouTube, I've concluded that they speak with different inflections. At their core, their voices are the same, but Van Gundy is always arguing and doing the George Castanza palms-in-the-air "what???" infelction, while where Mary Carillo does more of the John Wayne, talk-with-your-chin-on-your-chest kinda deep intonation, Pilgrim. And it seems as though they never seem to deviate from their respective tone zones.

It's not as great a match as I thought, but I'll post it anyway because Van Gundy and Mark Jackson are the worst announcing tandem I have heard in my entire life. On their own, they both suck out loud, bu on top of that they also hate eachother and have an anti-synergy that makes me want urinate in their beverages.

On with the audio juxtaposition.

Mary Carillo

Jeff Van Gunty Gundy (the crossed out link is NSFW, by the way)

What do you think?