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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Cubs 2010 Season Opener Recap In Pictures That are Not of the Game But Convey its Essence From The Cubs Perspective

By: T.R. Slyder,, AndyDisco on Twitter

How do I feel about their performance today, and how do I feel for the season as a whole? Like doing the Cry and Wap (female version pictured below) thinking about what could have and should have been the past two seasons. It also makes me feel like they are family that continually lets you all down, but you rally behind anyway because you are used to it.

You gotta lotta nerve asking me about the Cubs this year.

(clearly it's a touch-y subject. HELLOOO)

That's how I roll.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

News Story of the Day

By: T.R. Slyder,, AndyDisco on Twitter

Can be found here on

To quote/plagiarize them: "An atheistic student group at the University of Texas, San Antonio has undertaken a campaign to trade pornography for holy books – that is to say, they are distributing soft-core porn for any religious texts they receive. It’s almost as though they’ve undertaken this campaign to get some free press attention. Et voilà!"

the kicker? If you click the link, you can see a FoxNews "expert" discuss the legality of this stunt. He also references an alleged well-known porn which the news anchor had never heard of (nor have I) and describes it as "breasty" before going on to say, "I know my porn".

I'm not making that up.

Update: Still no word yet on whether or not that porn movie won any breastigious awards. Teatails as they arrive.... HELLLOOOOO.

That's how I roll.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

International Perspective: Cubs Edition

By: T.R. Slyder,, AndyDisco on Twitter

I'm not sure how to write this very well, so I'll start off awkwardly: With what I was wearing. I have an orange flannel shirt that I don't think is particularly fashionable, urban chic or cool, but it's excessively comfortable and I like to wear it once or twice during Autumn. It's a Fall rite of passage for me and I like it's agrarian feel. I usually wear it with a black shirt underneath for the orange and black Halloween feel. I think the flannel aspect helps accentuate the autumnal aspect. Living in a big city I miss wearing flannel shirts, and this shirt remains my only flannel one. Anyway, I wore it today, that will come up later.

So today I was taking the el back home and I saw a foreign-looking guy staring at his Chicago el map. His eyes didn't leave it for like 4 minutes solid. So I approached and asked if he knew where he was going. After being carless in the city for 5 years and working in a hostel for about 18 months, I don't know anyone that knows the train system better than I do, so I try to help people when I can.

With a thick accent, but very good grammar, this guy told me he was trying to get to the Navy Pier. That's the single biggest tourists-only destinatiton in Chicago, so after telling him how to get there from here, I asked where he was from. He said South Korea, then asked if I was American. At first I thought of a smart-ass answer along the lines of, "Well, I'm wearing a Halloween-themed orange flannel shirt (with a Nautica logo on it, no less), olive-colored khakis and a pair of Chuck Taylors, I kinda thought that would make it obvious. Oh, that and I asked you if you needed any help, and I asked in perfect English."

But I didn't feel like being a dick to a tourist, so I just politely said "yes". Then he asked if I lived in Chicago, and I' though, "No, I'm from Argentina, but I just felt like asking if you needed help on the Chicago Public Transit for shits", but I demured and just said, "Yeah, I live here in Chicago. I'm waiting for the train to take me home."

He became excited and told me that he likes Chicago and that last night he watched the Bulls game on television. He had the politely infectious tourist smiley enthusiasm that you have to love. He was smiling as he said it, he hoped I'd be impressed. So I said that was cool, and he said that Michael Jordan was a huge, huge star in South Korea. After working in a hotel for over a year and meeting countless people new to Chicago- this was expected. Foreigners know a TON about New York City and Hollywood. But Chicago? Al Capone, Michael Jordan and the Sears Tower. Sometimes they know Oprah, R. Kelly or Kanye West, but they don't know they're from Chicago. That's it. So we talked about the Bulls for a bit, and how they aren't as exciting anymore without Jordan. I conceded that nowadays Kobe and Lebron were cooler.

He later asked where in the city I lived. So I grabbed his map and showed him that I lived not too far from Wrigley Field- where the Chicago Cubs baseball team plays. At this mention his face lit up. "I know the Chicago Cubs!" he proudly blurted. He went on to start a sentence and then stop it, I think he was going to say something to the effect of, "They lose a lot", or "They are never very good" I forget exactly, but he politely cut himself off, and said, "Yes! They are....they are known for having bad ruck."

Very impressive that he knew that. Very diplomatically phrased. Why should he know anything else about the Cubs? For the record, he were was our final exchange upon his train's arrival.

Me: Ok man, this is your train. Take this to State and Lake, get off, then your map will tell you how to walk to Navy Pier.

Him: Ok, Thank you. Thank you very much.

Me: Hey man, no problem. Have fun here in Chicago.

Him: Ok, thank you. Thank you very much. Thank you. Thank you very much. Have a wonderful day. Have a very wonderful day!

Sadly, that was my favorite Cubs-related converstion in about 6 months.

And I base that Seoul-ly on his politeness...Hello-ooooo!

That's how I roll.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

This is not Good

By: T.R. Slyder,, AndyDisco on Twitter

I never think of the eldery of genuinely cool or authentically hip. Artificially hip, maybe. HELLLOOOOO.

That's how I roll.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Get Ready for an Awful(ly Awesome) Pun

By: T.R. Slyder,, AndyDisco on Twitter

Do you think this dog learned to do this from a Hand-nibble Lecture? HELLOOOO

I'm T.R. Slyder, and that's how you Tangueray.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Happy Black Monday Nouveau

By: T.R. Slyder,

If you're invested in the stock market, chances are that you were wealthier when you woke up this morning than you will be by the time you leave work, as it looks like the markets are gonna get totally BF'd today. So I hope you're prepared to lose some of your riches today and I also hope that you don't wind up looking like that chick pictured above (or Jack Black, for that matter).

This could get ugly, but I'm kinda eager to watch it all unfold, kinda like watching hurricane coverage on cable news, only less Geraldo Rivera-tastic (Riverrafiffic?).

Good luck and I hope your assets are covered! Hello-ooo!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Catering to the Swing Voters

By: TRSlyder,

I think I know which ticket is going after the "swing vote". HELLOOO!

The Obamas and Bidens were certainly in Swing State-of-mind on Saturday in Swingfield. I mean Springfield.