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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Wait...What? Robby Albarado Just Lied on National Television.

By: T.R. Slyder,

I realize no one cares about this, but you'll have fun following along and calling out a liar. Jockey Robby Albarado is a very talented rider and was recently on one of my favorite television shows. But he just lied to America and I have to pull his card.

Please follow along and click here to watch an episode of the Animal Planet show called Jockeys. As you can assume, it's about horse racing jockeys. I was watching it tonight and noticed at the 7:13 mark, jockey Robby Albarado discussing him and his super-horse Curlin.

Now, Curlin is an outstanding horse, and one of my favorites. He's among the top 10 best horses of the last 25 years, maybe 30. The problem I have with the clip is that his jockey lies about him for some stupid reason. As I mentioned, it's at the 7:13 clip where his jockey says, "I'm Robby Albarado, I ride Curlin today in the Classic. We won the Preakness stakes, we just came off a win in the Kentucky Derby, we won the World Cup in Dubai, we won the Breeder's Cup Classic last year..." It's all right there at the link. I typed it out correctly. Curlin did win the Preakness, World Cup and Classic. But um, he did not win the 2007 Kentucky Derby.

Curlin and Robby Albarado came in third.

Robby's error cannot be confused with Robby himself winning the 2008 Derby, because he didn't not win that either. Kent Desormeaux did aboard Big Brown. This whole thing is just bizarre.