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Monday, March 2, 2009

Late Night With Jimmy Fallon Live Blog

By: T.R. Slyder,

I love Conan and was as critical of Jimmy Fallon on SNL as anyone else was. But I figured I'd give him a shot.

9 minutes in, so far, so good. The writing so far from the dialogue has been good. He joked about Rush Limbaugh calling him to hope he fails on his new show. He also joked that Obama agreed to bring the troops home in 16 months (or however many it is until 8/10), but the troops said "no thanks, the economy is better over here." He then had a guest make some kind of comment after a joke and Jimmy deadpanned, "Ok, please have that man removed. I hate when my dad drinks." I thought that was pretty decent ad-libbing. As I was typing all of that, he and his band, The Roots, did a funny piece which I assume will be a new running segment called "Slow Jammin' the News" where he took a news story and the Roots played a really R&B sexxed up beat (Think Keith Sweat, Isely Brothers, Isaac Hayes- some grown folk, baby makin' music) and they sang a news story as a song, complete with a lot of double entendres to make it sound like a sexy ballad. I was pretty amused.

Fallon struck me as playing the part of a tv show host a lot better than I thought he would. He didn't come out in a Salvation Army sweater with messy hair trying frat/stoner humor it up. He seemed like a believable host with a great house band and good writing. That's about all I ask for. I don't wanna stay up for every guest but his lineup this week might be the best week of guests in late night television history. It's basically a week of NBC telling every A-lister, "You owe us a favor, now come in and do Fallon's show." Or the converse of, "Would you like to do NBC/GE a favor and be in the good graces of one of America's largest companies? You would? Great, come on in and sit on Jimmy's couch, and we'll write you and I.O.U.."

After the monologue, he began a new game-show style show called "Lick It For $10", where 3 audience members come up, lick something, then return to their seats. The first guy just licked the motor part of a lawn mower. Then they showed a replay of it in slow-mo, while the roots laid down another great, baby-makin' lick (I was kinda happy with that pun. I hope you enjoyed it). The next chick had to lick a copy machine. Then the he asked the audience which part she should lick- and the audience voted on the glass part, where you put the actual sheet you are copying. Then after each guest earns their $10, Jimmy pays them out of his own wallet. The last gentleman is now required to lick a bowl of goldfish. Job well done and Jimmy paid the man.

I tried to embed this video, but embedding was disabled by YouTube. So I will have to send you a link to Jimmy Fallon's Idiot Boyfriend video. If you have never heard of the video, it came out about 5 years or so ago, and is pretty entertaining. If you're reading this blog, lets face it, you've got time to kill. So check it out. I'd like to dedicate the link to a very special who lives in Astoria, NY, who I know for a fact will be happy to click on the link.

Robert De Niro is on and Jimmy is pretty smiley and awe-struck, but it's his first interview, and it's a pretty huge get, so I can't blame him a ton just yet.

Ok, now Jimmy's being a little Jimmyish. He joked that he and De Niro have had similar careers. De Niro was in the Taxi Driver, and Jimmy was in Taxi. He then did a giggly impression of De Niro, and asked De Niro to recite a line from his movie, to which De Niro adopted a girly falsetto and said "Ohhh, I'm Jimmy Fallon." Non-hilarity ensued and they went to commercial. Everytime I've seen De Niro of Jack Nicholson on a show, the host acts awestruck, then talks about how he's so much more of a hardass then the he (the host) could ever hope to be, then De Niro/Nicholson busts on them, and the host giggles sheepishly. Way to switch it up Jimmy. The commercial break came at a good time.

Back from commercial, Jimmy sarcastically asks if De Niro remembers the movie they did together. Shockingly, they have a clip from that movie. Oh good, Jimmy giggled before his first line of the movie. So far, Jimmy plays a poontang, and De Niro a hard ass. Good thing I was seated for that one. Mercifully, it ended after about 15 seconds. That was the whole segment. Coming up after the break "The amazingly talented Justin Timberlake".

Justin Timberlake came out. If Fallon calls him "Mr. J.T." I'm never watching this show again. Mr. J.T. did a pretty funny impression of John Mayer's singing. It was good because he never said anything along the lines of "He's a good friend, but I bust on him anyway." Jimmy made a PC comment to the effect of, "obviously, we both know and like the guy and aren't trying to take the piss out of him." to which Timberlake said "Yeah...we make fun of him *shoulder shrug*", which led me to believe he maybe doesn't like him. I can respect that.

Aaaaand scene. After the break, I think Jimmy Said Van Morrison is coming out. Tomorrow's musical guest is Santogold, if you haven't heard of her, but you like M.I.A.'s music, you should check her out.

I'll be damned it is Van Morrison. He's singing his new song apparently. Wow, Van Morrison looks like Zoot from the Muppet Band, if he were paler than an albino's ass and very fat. Seriously.

"Stay tuned for Last call with Carson Daly, everybody." Oh good idea. In fact, put me down for a "Hell no", Jimmy.

Ok, bedtime for T.R..