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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

true story

By: T.R. Slyder,, AndyDisco on Twitter

I was channel surfing tonight and around 5:50 pm and was catching advertisements for the upcoming 6 o'clock news. Eventually I got to Univision, the mexican tv channel, and they were talking in Spanish about how at their 6 o'clock newscast they are going to talk about Ricky Martin's gaynouncement (that should be a word). I thought that was a funny thing to lead a news story with, but thought he must be a big deal to Mexican people. So I changed the channel only to see a similar advertisement for the 6 o'clock news on Telemundo. I guess this must come as a shock to women who adored him and assumed he was hetero. I wonder if all of those gay people who assumed he was straight are equally surprised, but in a good way. Wait, this just in..*covering my earpiece so I can hear better*.....All gay people knew Ricky was gay. Ok, nevermind then.

Since his spanish-speaking fans love him so much its probably for the best that they don't speak English and know that in English "Menudo" has the words "nude" and "men" in it.

Men, Nude? Ohhh......

That's how I roll.