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Monday, December 7, 2009

Hilarious Lyrics-writers Fail

By: T.R. Slyder,, AndyDisco on Twitter

As per the post beneath this one- I was looking for the lyrics to the song Elevator by Eminem because I didn't think I was hearing part of the hook correctly.

Tthe lyrics are NSFW, but the song is great.

So I Googled, "Eminem song lyrics Elevator", and I clicked on the top choice because it seemed like was what I wanted (so that was the lyrics site I was reading while listening to the song on YouTube) . So I start following hearing the song on YouTube while reading this group's interpretation of the lyrics (keep in mind that Eminem hasn't released official lyrics for the song yet, so these lyrics are just the result of one dude listening to the song and writing what hears). I didn't think that their lyrical dictation was 100% accurate but still did a better job than I would have done. So I'm following along and getting ready to hear him say my favorite rhyme in years- with the lyrics, "Fuckin' A, even got a bidet" then proceeds to sing, "to wipe my ass after I shit with golden toilet paper". That line I could very well decipher for myself and didn't need to consult the lyrics site, but I read along anyway. He got the lyrics wrong by writing them as, "Fuckin' A even got a potato/ wipe my ass wipe my ass after I shit with golden paper"!!!!!

Fuck yes! I laughed my ass off when I read that little number. So that guy was like, "hmmm, what is that word? Something that washes his ass while he $hit$ + the word "to", that rhymes with how he pronounces paper (paypah). Oh, duh- "Potato". Those will wash your ass."

It then reminded me of two awesome things:

1. This website- the exact opposite of Some of them are uberdoozies.

2. The story of "My bag, my bag."
About a decade ago I was at my grandma's house watching her television that had enable closed captioning. I didn't want to remove that setting because I know she wasn't tech-savvy enough to reset it to enable closed caption, and since her hearing totally sucked and she couldn't appreciate t.v. without it, I decided to leave it on and not shut it off and then accidentally forget to reset it before I shut the t.v. off. So I'm watching tv with closed captioning and on tv is a middle-aged black guy coaching a high school (I think) basketball team. He's speaking what I could conservatively say is "Beginner's Ebonics", meaning even your whitest white friend can still translate this 100%. When he told his team, "Alright, Ok, my bad. My bad." the closed caption writer wrote, "Alright, ok., my bag. My bag.". To this day when a college friend or myself
screws up in the other's presence we wil voice our mea culpa thusly, "my bag, my bag".

I can't believe I hadn't posted that before.

So that awesome lyric thing reminded me of two other awesome things. Aweshome.

That's how I roll.

TR Salutes- New Eminem Song

By: T.R. Slyder,, AndyDisco on Twitter

This is by far his best work in a long time. The lyrics aren't safe for work. But he does get an official TR Salute because he is the first rapper I've ever heard of to use the word "bidet" in a rap song. The closest any rapper I had previous heard to saying that word was Red Man on MTV Cribs when he referred to it as his "booty wetter".

Congratulations, Eminem. I salute you.

That's how I roll.