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Friday, November 20, 2009


By: T.R. Slyder,, AndyDisco on Twitter

Polekat $lim just introduced me to It's pretty self-explanatory. Some of them are pretty rad. Like this one.

make everyone grow weed

save up all your seeds for a year then come spring time go to all your fav home improvment stores like home depot lowes walmart ect. go to the garden section and sew your seeds throughout the garden department so people would buy a nice orchid and they take it home and weed grows up next to the plant that they bought. just make weed so rampant that the war on marijuana would futile. that would be sweet

or this friendly post....

Heres Too You

I don't know you, but your out there. We smoke at the same time sometimes. I think hey I wonder if theres a someone out there saying hey here's too you buddy. Because I'm thinking that.

this isn't as friendly, but thought provoking....


If a fat kid falls in the forest do the trees laugh?

Lighter Holster

Y'know that little pocket in your jeans? The one that's too small for anything? Well turns out its perfect for holding a lighter! Its like a holster for pot smokers!

quick ponder

why the fuk does the english language have a c??
its job is already takin kare of by s and k..
its like a poser someone should just tell it to be itself and make a new sound

Stoned off Airheads

I just smoked out of a pipe I made out of airheads, I ate it afterwards. One of the best ideas i've ever had.


Penguins are the titz

you know those pictures of penguins that you see when thousands of them just bunch together in a giant orgy like clump for warmth? Im I the only one who wants to be super baked and go stand/snuggle right in the middle of all of them so that i can feel like im being hugged by thousands of fluffy penguins at once? and maby throw a chubby little asian in there too there fun to poke.

Cast spells

Man I wanna be able to cast spells we should research this asap.

did you ever realize ?

when you think about it...your nose runs. and your feet smell.

World Peace?

Get this. Giant Banana Suits. For everyone. Because lets face it, no one could be mad at a guy wearing a giant banana suit.

World Peace? Achieved.

disappearing food.

when i'm high, and i have a sandwich or a slice of pizza or a bowl of chips, i always take a bite, savour the deliciousness, then look down at what's left, and get so happy because i think, "look how many more bites i could take" and then i get to the last bite, and i'm like, "fuck, there wasn't as much as i thought there was."
does this happen to anyone else?

something to think about...

3 years ago, the Chinese calendar was the year of the cow....Mad Cow disease was rampant.

2 years ago, the Chinese calendar was the year of the bird.... Avian flu was rampant.

This year, the Chinese calendar is the year of the pig . . . Swine flu is rampant.

Next year is the year of the cock . . . . Anybody else worried?

wicked cool evolution

i think it would be hella cool if people could slither around like a snake then when u lyin down on the couch after smokin and want sumfin but dont wanna get up u could just slither around

Midget Village

Buy a forest. Adopt 8 midget babies every year (mixed race). Be the only non-midget around and raise them to think you're their god.

That's how I roll.