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Friday, June 11, 2010

Live Fast, Die Young, Leave an Obese Corpse: The Photographic Ballad of TR Slyder Dogging the McGangBang

By: T.R. Slyder,, @AndyDisco on Twitter

This is the McGangBang. I learned about it today. It's two items of the dollar menu at McDonald's: the McDouble and the McChicken. Two bucks and 23 cents takes it home- unless you donate to the Ronald McDonald House. You separate the two patties of the double and shamefully, yet, lustfully, insert the entire McChicken betwixt the patties. After that the only thing left to do is temporarily disable to your dignity in order to enable yourself to do something like this.*

I thought this sounded like something I could do so I did it. My friends said, "pics or it didn't happen", so I documentation my culinary descent into culinary hell. The Inferno described by our friend Dante had nine circles, I got right to the 9th circle in only 8 bites.

Theme song, bite #s, and corresponding circle of Dante's hell.

* denotes- N/A to people who drive monster trucks.

Bite 0.

Bite 1. Limbo. Inhabited by The Unbaptized and Virtuous Pagans

Bite 2. The Gluttonous.

Bite 3. The Hoarders and the Spendthrifts

(I couldn't NOT keep it real aqui, senor robles)

Bite 4. The Wrathful and the Sullen

Bite 5. The Heretics.

I thought this pic was blurry and then I realized I didn't have any proof of the date. I didn't have a newspaper in front of me today but I did take a pic of the screen from covering today's Blackhawks Parade, with my 5-bite bitten McGangBang.

Bite 6. The Violent.

The Penultimate Bite: Bite 7. The Fraudulent.

The Final Bite. Bite 8. The Traitors.

That's how I roll.