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Saturday, November 28, 2009

How Paul Pierce's Dunk on Chris Bosh is Like Weird Science, the Movie

By: T.R. Slyder,, AndyDisco on Twitter

This was Paul Pierce's dunk on Chris Bosh the other night. You'll notice a few things. 1- that was a monster dunk over Bosh. 2- He kneed Bosh in the nuts. 3- Pierce got a technical for taunting a man that he already kneed in the nuts.

Sound familiar? It should. Remember the bar scene in Weird Science when Gary has too much to drink at the Blues blue and winds up talking jive with the regulars and winning them over?

There's a part of that conversation (sadly, it isnt in the above clip, but it's from that scene) when Gary is telling the fellas about a chick he likes that does not seem to like him. After detailing his devotion her, he then informs that guys what his efforts have gotten him. Gary says, "She knee'd me...." before Lisa interrupts and says, "She knee'd him in the nuts and called him 'Faggot' in front of everyone." Isn't that exactly what Paul Pierce did to Chris Bosh? Nuts kneeing followed by taunting?

But the similarities don't end there. After Lisa finishes the story, Gary adds, "She broke my heart in two!", to which one of the gentleman adds, "She broke more than your heart". Remember Gary's reply to that (and his final sentence of the scene before he collapses on the floor)?: "That's the truth!". And "The Truth" just happens to be Paul Pierce's nickname.

Eerie, I know.

That's how I roll.