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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Da Bullsss: Pressure Breaks Things. But it Also Makes Diamonds.

By: T.R. Slyder,

Couple quick thoughts about this game and game 7.

1. You Gaelics better hope that Rajon Rondo is ALLOWED to play by the NBA in game 7. That is one bush league bastard. Getting his Floyd Landis Cheat-to-win on in game 5 and then trying to throw the Bulls captain into the scorers table. Damn. The League had a HARD time not suspending his violent ass for game 6, good luck for game 7, Gaelics. Seriously, that is one cheating bastard. In the midwest we don't cheat to win, brah.

2. To Eddie House and Ray Allen: I learned in middle school basketball camp that THE worst shot in the game of basketball is a jumpshot with your feet on the three-point line. Apparently you had no idea. Your two shots in double and triple overtime (I think, I lost track) were terrible, stupid, hilarious and kept the series alive just long enough to put the pressure on you. Thanks for being cognitively inept!

3. As the title of this subject indicates- Pressure could have broken the Bulls, or could have forged them into a diamond. Thanks for letting them hang around long enough to believe.

4. Joakim Noah, I saw you put those nizuts on Paul Pierce's lamely facial haired face, in triple overtime to fould him out. I saw that.

5. The Gaelics looked Oooollllldddddd in the third overtime. And the second. And the first. Old. Old. Old. I was seeing "get 'em off of me, get 'em off of me!!!!" on their faces. Tired legs, lazy arm-fouls, frustrated decision making, quick shots. Wow. You old bastards are gonna sleep tonight.

6. Gaelics, who do you think the pressure is on in game 7? The defending champs who are at home after blowing a series, and should have put away a young team 2 games ago? Or the young team who is too young, stupid and inexperienced to care?

7. It's not that I think that the Gaelics are NOT a better team than the Bulls when they have Garnett, it's that I don't care.

8. Gaelic fans- don't act like you think Rondo deserves to play game 7 either. You know he's a dirty bastard who has to cheat to win. Just admit it.

9. Seriously, pronounce your nickname properly, "selltics". You borrowed a word from Ireland, then to "honor" them you mispronounce it?? Fucking morons. Who does that? Oh right, choking cheaters.

10. To quote Baby Gangsta of the Cash Money Crew, "Y'all don't want it wit us"