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Saturday, September 27, 2008

Best Song and Video POSSIBLE

By: T.R. Slyder,

No Panties On by Wax-A-Million. You're welcome in advance.
(Medical Disclaimer: If you are awesomeness intolerant, you should not watch this video)

You're welcome.

This is the best for several obvious reasons, but I will point out a few minor nuances that you maybe didn't pick up on during your first viewing.

1. That white chick is the worst lip-snycher since Ashlee Simpson.

2. When Wax-A-Million is in front of his crew of friends rapping, the tall, lanky guy with the afro in the powder blue longsleeve looks a LOT like Dave Chappelle (you can see him pretty clearly at the :45 and 2:56 marks).

3. It does a great job of showcasing the joys and glamour (with a "u") of twerking.

4. When I first saw this video in 2003 on BET's UnCut, I swear to God and Baby Jesus that the title of the song was "Panty's On The Dancefloor" and it was spelled incorrectly, just like how I have it there (update: I just found a link to it here).

UPDATE: You can find the video of the remix here. This video certainly has a very, very high budget. When I called Gloria Steinam to ask her if the rumor is true that she wrote the remix and directed the video, she did not answer. Sounds like a non-denial to me. On Sunday this video celebrates its one-year anniversary! Happy Anniversary, Wax-A-Million!

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