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Thursday, September 25, 2008

At 77 Years Old, Ernie Banks and His Wife Adopt a Newborn

By: T.R. Slyder,

In the news from the "Holy Shit I Swear I am Not Making This Up" file. This isn't a joke. I lifted this directly from today's Chicago-Sun Times, copy-and-paste style. Cubs Hall of
Fame shortstop, and universally-loved Mr. Cub, Ernie Banks has adopted a baby that is one week old.

"JUST IN: Baseball Hall of Famer Ernie Banks, 77, and his lovely wife, Liz, have adopted a beautiful baby girl named Alyna Olivia Banks, born Sept. 18 in California, where they have a home. Banks already has three grown and gone adult children who reside on the West Coast. "I will be heading to Chicago with the baby to cheer the Cubs on to victory when they win the World Series," Liz said."

Ernie's wife, Liz, is 52. As a lifelong Cub fan, I have no further comment.

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