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Friday, October 2, 2009

Reasons Cited for Chicago not Getting the 2016 Olympics

By: T.R. Slyder,, AndyDisco on Twitter

I have heard all of these today.

-The world hates Obama
-Obama didn't spend enough time in Copenhagen
-The world still hates Georve W. Bush
-The world hates the U.S.
-We are a country currently fighting two wars
-The USOC would take a higher %age of television revenue from the IOC than other cities would
-The USOC sent too man black people to lobby for the games
-Chicago's citizens didn't want the games
-Chicago's crime is too high
-The Chicago bid was too American and not Global enough
-Rio's bid was just better
-It was time for South America to host the Olympics
-Mayor Daley was over confident that Chicago would get the games
-The United States has hosted the games enough time already
-Chicago didn't have enough money to balance their own city's budget, yet found $40 million to finance the 2016 Olympic campaign
- All the other bid cities had large pockets of voters- Madrid had Europe, Tokyo had Asia, Rio had South America and only two IOC voters are from America
- The IOC is still upset at the US for blowing the whistle on voter bribes, which predicated a rule change that voters cannot visit bid cities and get wined and dined.
-Mayor Daley was the last mayor to guarantee government-backed financing
-Rio delegates colluded with others to vote out Chicago in the first round
- The Atlanta games were too commercialized and the IOC thought it was a critical flop
- The United States couldn't crack the euro-centric "Good Old European Boys" club
-Mayor Daley lobbied too hard and was too American in his backroom dealings
- The US is responsible for the world-wide economic recession
- NBC's proposal of an Olympics Channel pissed off the IOC

That's how I roll.

Chicago Loses Olympic Bid

By: T.R. Slyder,, AndyDisco on Twitter

They got voted out in the first round along with Tokyo. Maybe we should change our name to the "The Fourth City"

update: Jesse Jackson tells local ABC news that he was "Trummatazzed" by the news. (true story).

update update: Joqcues Rogge, President of the IOC to Chicago: "Your attempt to get the games, was ah, how you say, fess ess." (could be true story)

update update update: Much like Puff Daddy- Don't knock the IOC for trying to bury/ 7 zeroes over in Rio/ De Janeiry

4X Update: Mayor Daley doing the Cry and Wap



That's how I roll.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Chicago Olympics Corporlalia/Link Dump: One Stop Shopping

By: T.R. Slyder,, AndyDisco on Twitter

On Friday in Copehagen the International Olympic Committee will vote for and announce the winner of the host city for the 2016 Summer Olympic games. The Finalists are Chicago, Rio de Janeiro, Madrid and Tokyo. The most commonly heard "inside buzz" is that Chicago has the upperhand via the process of elimination. Tokyo's bid is harmed by their georgraphic proximity to Beijing who hosted the games in 2008, and Madrid faces similar circumstances due to their proximity to London, who will host the 2012 games. If selected, Rio would be the first ever South American host of the games. The games had not been awarded to a South American nation before due mostly to safety concerns and the occasional economic instability. Another possible impediment to Rio's success could that they will also host the World Cup in 2014. Commonly quoted skepticism is that the World Cup will be enough for Rio to handle and the addition of the Olympic games could strain the economy and/or possibly create either disdain or apathy among locals. Lastly, Rio also hosted the 2007 Pan Am games, and reactions have been mixed regarding the success with which they did so.

So that's the skinny. Here are too many links about Chicago's bid and Friday's announcement (that will be at around 11:30 am Central).

Ben Joravsky of the Chicago Reader's recaps his case for why he (and many, many other Chicagoans) feel Chicago is not ready to host the games.

Chicago Tribune's description of the voting and announcing processes

Chicago Tribune's Copenhagen Watch blog, written by Trib writers dispatched to Ceopenhagen to chroncile the shmoozing process by the Chicago delegation.

Chicago Sun-Times talks about two of Chicago's glitziest spokespeople- First Lady Michelle Obama and Oprah- Oprah: Chicago women:: Ditka:Chicago men

Sun-Times article about Mayor Daley getting snooty. Snooty? Snotty.

Tribune Golden Child Writer John Kass's article about how a Chicago Olympics would revive and lionize Mayor Daley

That's how I roll.