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Saturday, September 20, 2008

How To Maintain Your Title As Stupidest Player In Major League Baseball

By: T.R. Slyder,

If a baseball player wears a huge plastic elbow pad and then gets hit on that pad, he doesn't have the right to become enraged. That's why you have the pad- so you can get hit and it won't hurt. On Friday night Gary Sheffield got hit on his elbow pad by Indian pitcher Fausto Carmona, and proceeded to do what he does best- get angry. Sheffield half-heartedly attempted to get out of the way, and coincidentally, got hit in the only place where he has a pad- on his elbow. Let's not forget Sheffield is a professional athlete and great baseball player, if he wanted to avoid the ball entirely, he easily could have. He intentionally had his elbow lag behind so he could get plunked on his pad where it won't hurt, and take first base. Conversely, Carmona is an All-Star pitcher; if he wanted to hit Sheffield with a ball that he couldn't get out of the way from, he definitely could. Carmona didn't hit Sheffield on purpose, in fact the opposite is true; Sheffield let the ball hit him on purpose. Yet he still got angry.

Gary Sheffield you've done it again. Not content to be merely the stupidest player in baseball, you've somehow put more distance between yourself and the person at #2. Somewhere Kyle Farnsworth is plotting his next to move to inch closer to Sheffield for the top spot.

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