Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Bad Day for Jesusophiles

By: T.R. Slyder, TRSlyder@yahoo.com, @AndyDisco on Twitter

A Hallmark-level, yet successful painter and crazed Christian, Thomas Kinkade did some stinko drivin. If Jesus is so good why does your art suck and why did you just get popped for endangering lives if you love him so much? Weird. It's almost like he's unintelligent.

$700,000 damage was done to Jesus in Monroe, Ohio. Jesus was struck down by lightning. Maybe a dyslexic somewhere said, "May I strike God down with lightning! Wait, I meant may God strike ME down!", but it was too late.

Better luck next week, Jesus.

P.S. Have you ever been so drunk that you have heckled Siegfried and Roy? Thomas Kinkade has.

That's how I roll.

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