Sunday, August 31, 2008

Two Teams I Hope Chad Johnson Gets Traded to

By: T.R. Slyder,

Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver Chad Johnson Ocho Cinco announced recently that he legally changed his last name from Johnson to Ocho Cinco. This was done of course because he wears number 85. As stupid as this is, I'd feel much better about it if he would have changed his name to the spanish word for "Eighty-five" and not "Eight five", which is what Ocho Cinco translates to. Plus Chad Ochentaycinco sounds much cooler, anyway. Lots more mystique.

What's even stupider than changing his name to Eight Five is that he demanded a trade in the offseason. So he pisses off his entire front office, and demands to leave town- then he changes his last name to match his number. That got me wondering if any teams had retired the #85 and how funny it would be if he actually were traded one of them, where he'd be inelligible to wear the number of his new last name that he just changed to (approximately) match his jersey number. So I checked it out and found that two teams have retired that number: The Lions (Chuck Hughes) and the Rams (Jack Youngblood).

If you complain about wanting to be traded, then you're stupid enough to change your name to match your number, you deserve to get traded to a team where you can't have your number last name.

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